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Stairways Behavioral Health provides a variety of programs to assist individuals struggling with addiction. These services vary in their level of intensity so those on the path to recovery can find a program best suited to their individual needs and situation.


Stairways Addiction Services

Gage House

Gage House is a 15-bed residential facility licensed to concurrently treat substance abuse disorders and mental health disorders. Gage House is a voluntary program that serves men and women aged 18 and older. Gage House offers structured treatment activities, individualized to meet the needs of each person entering the program. Individuals involved in the program will have regular contact with a psychiatrist and medical team to stabilize and maintain treatment of mental health symptoms. Individuals can expect to participate in group therapy multiple times per day with a variety of topics and activities. Individual therapy will occur at a minimum of twice weekly. Weekly family groups occur at the facility and family therapy sessions are encouraged as part of the treatment process. The length of treatment services depends on the needs of each person; however an average is 28-30 days. Longer term treatment is available on a case by case basis as determined by the clinical team.

Gage House - 1813 Holland Street, Erie, PA 16504 - 814.878.2100

Drug & Alcohol Outpatient

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services at Stairways Behavioral Health consist of the following services: Level of Care Assessments, Outpatient Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, and Partial Hospitalization Programming. Levels of care are determined by criteria from the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Group and/or individual therapy are offered depending on each person's needs. Services typically take one to two group sessions weekly, with a range of individual therapy from weekly sessions to monthly sessions. This level of care focuses on the utilization of recovery tools to maintain sobriety and to prevent relapse.

2919 State Street, Erie, PA 16508 - 814.464.8438

Certified Recovery Specialist

A Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) is an individual who is living in recovery and has been successful in creating a lifestyle that supports their ongoing sobriety. They act as a model for a healthy and happy recovery and are able to connect and inspire hope in individuals through use of their shared experience. Through peer-to-peer coaching, a CRS helps the individual build essential recovery skills. Certified Recovery Specialists meet with individuals in the community to support their recovery process allowing the CRS to collaborate with individuals and problem solve with genuine understanding and compassion.

2919 State Street, Erie, PA 16508 - 814.464.8438


Stairways Adult Programs are located at 2185 West 8th Street Erie, PA 16505