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Kyle Lamp grows, learns independence 

Kyle Lamp, along with his Blended Case Manager Laurie Bizzarro, have gone places he never thought were possible.

It’s not really an exaggeration, either, as Kyle has shared much of his life with Bizzarro in the more than a decade they’ve worked together. Kyle, 24, who has Asperger’s Syndrome and is prone to fits of anger and other emotional issues, has been working with Bizzarro since the sixth grade.

Naturally they have been through a lot together. But both cite a pair of events that have been central to Kyle’s life.

In recent years, the deaths of his grandmother and mother have had a significant impact on Kyle. For a time following, he struggled to adapt to life without them. His emotions would often get the better of him and controlling his anger would almost always prove to be an overwhelming challenge.

In April 2014, Kyle secured his own living space, which represented another significant life change. While it was the first step in establishing independence and gaining a sense of accomplishment, the autonomy he gained brought with it its own set of challenges.

“At first, it was a whole new universe for me,” he said. “I remember the apartment looked like a tornado when Laurie first came in.”

But with an unwavering commitment and perseverance along with help of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Mobile Medication Monitoring services he receives from Stairways, Kyle now feels at home and at ease.

“I never realized just how much I was capable of when I put my mind to it,” he said.

Kyle isn’t content to just sit back and be complacent, however, as he plans to return to school to learn the welding trade. He also volunteers at his church and even considers the senior citizens living in his apartment community to be family.

Despite the new heights of his accomplishments, much of Kyle’s drive continues to come from a familiar source of motivation.

“I just want to mature so that I could be an adult and prove to my mom and grandmother I could be the man I knew I could be,” he said. Kyle paused before adding, “to be honest, I don’t think either of them would have believed I could have come this far.”

Note: At Kyle's request, a photograph has been withheld.

"Stairways helped me to work on recovery, one step at a time." -Ron S

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