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The real story of Stairways is five decades of recovery – one individual at a time. Each person is different, every challenge is unique. But hope for recovery is shared all.

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Weekly visits to BLOOM special time for mother, son 

Ruby Homsi and Mahmoud Hussein enjoy a relationship rooted in the arts. Each Tuesday and Thursday, the mother-and-son team bond over creating and crafting pieces that reflect the unique alliance they share.

Read Ruby and Mahmoud's story here



Darker wins Fairweather Lodge award

Maggie has found a home since becoming a Lodge member four years ago.

Now she has the hardware to prove it. Read about it here.



Ken Brzezinski hooked on hobby once again

Everybody enjoys a good fishing story. Ken Brzezinski is beginning a new chapter of his.

Read Ken's story here.



Andy Anderson Finds Passion in Music

To Andy and Karl Anderson, music is not just a hobby but is a way to better communicate and improve personal wellness.

Read Andy's story here.



Tiara Triana Thrives Thanks to Client Wellness Fund

Not long ago, Tiara Triana was using drugs and alcohol to ease her emotional pain. After years of substance abuse, she is discovering wellness -- with her young daughter alongside her every step of the way.

Read Tiara's story here.



Caleb Nupp Finds Success in Recovery

Caleb's story is one that professionals in this field hope for every day.

Managing symptoms, graduating from Stairways' Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program, gaining his General Equvaliency Diploma GED) and finding employment - this was a busy year for Caleb Nupp!

Read Caleb's story here.



Tanya DeSantis - Writing Her Own Story

Tanya DeSantis has endured her share of hardships. But after getting sober, she is penning her next life chapter.

Read her story here.



For Kelvin Butler - Hope is Real

Perhaps few people appreciate this statement more than Kelvin Butler, one of our 2012 Hope is Real award recipient—someone who put hope into action, making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Read Kelvin's story here.



Charity Keith - A Lifetime of Education

Charity has been learning through her experiences with mental illness her entire life. Now she is applying what she has learned to her education.

Read Charity's story here.



The Client Wellness Fund in Action

Read about a client whose participation in Stairways' Client Wellness Fund resulted new bicycles for his family.

Read their story here.

John Welch - a note of gratitude

This is an open letter written by a client expressing his thankfulness and explaining his recovery journey.

Read his story here.

"Stairways helped me to work on recovery, one step at a time." -Ron S

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