Child & Adolescent Blended Case Management

Child & Adolescent Blended Case Management (BCM)

Blended Case Management (BCM) is a community-based program providing direct care to people with special, complex needs. The aim of the Child & Adolescent Services division of BCM is to assure that children and adolescents who have or are at risk for developing a serious mental illness or emotional disorder get proper treatment and the supports necessary to help them succeed in the home, school and community.

Our services are tailored to assure our clients receive the individualized attention they need as their circumstances and needs change.

A specialized Transitioning Youth Team works with adolescents ages 16 to 21 who are in need of transition into the adult system.

Why Blended Case Management?

Complex needs require individualized care and attention.

Blended Case Management can help with the following:

Helping our clients and their families to identify and access available services needed to maintain good mental and physical health and stability.

Helping our clients and their families maintain safe, affordable housing by linking them with HUD and other subsidized programs.

Working with the educational system and advocating for the best school placement as well as attending IEP meetings and assisting in the development of crisis plans for at-risk consumers.

Assisting adolescent/young adult clients in securing employment by helping them obtain working papers, fill out applications and prepare for interviews.

Daily Living
Assessing the clients’ well-being and the family’s ability to provide basic needs such as proper nutrition and clothing; then assisting them in obtaining necessities.

Assessing the clients’ ability to form healthy peer relationships and their ability to participate in extra-curricular events at school or in the community.

Helping You to Identify & Access Resources

The Blended Case Manager (BCM) works primarily with the family, school, child psychiatrist, friends and relatives. The BCM also participates in the coordination of care with the following service providers:

Who is Eligible?

Any child/adolescent up to the age of 18 (or to 21 if the child/adolescent has an Individualized Education Plan or is moving to the adult system) who has the following:

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