Blended Case Management

Blended Case Management (BCM) for Adults

Since 1987, Blended Case Management has helped thousands of people with mental health concerns get the treatment and support they need to lead healthy, productive lives.

Our specialty is assisting people in identifying their needs, locating appropriate community resources and helping people use those services to promote success and independence in their living, learning, working and social environments.

Blended Case Management can help in the following areas:


Building a Strong Support Network

Blended Case Managers recognize the importance of human interaction and understand that relationships among people are vital for good physical and mental health. We also believe in the therapeutic value of community supports that offer individuals assistance and more importantly, hope in achieving their personal goals. To that end, BCM services are directed toward access and linkage to the services and resources needed to live independently and experience high quality of life. Service coordination might involve collaboration with the following:


Accessing Our Services

Who is Eligible?

Any adult over the age of 18 who lives in Erie County and has the following:


We believe that every individual is unique with truly unique needs. For that reason, we are committed to listening first and then creating customized goal plans that meet the specific needs of every person served.

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