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Family Support, Education and Connection

You Are Not Alone.

If you are a parent, spouse, sibling, grandparent, friend or significant other with a loved one who has a mental illness, you are not alone! Statistics show that one in five persons will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime.

Studies are clear on the vast benefits for recovery that the support of family or friends provides a loved one suffering from mental illness.

Stairways is here to help – providing education, support and connection.

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Supporting Families, Supporting our Community.

Stairways supports the local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a nonprofit, grassroots, self-help, support and advocacy organization of consumers, families, and friends of individuals with mental illness.

NAMI of Erie County provides a variety of support services, including:

Family Support Groups

Ongoing support for those people whose life is impacted by someone with a mental health diagnosis is crucial. Support is a necessary tool in coping with the daily challenges of living and caring for someone with a mental illness.

NAMI of Erie County’s Family Support Groups are designed to join people together in a supportive environment that creates mutual understanding and support for coping with serious and persistent mental illness.

Family to Family Education Course

The FREE 12 week Family to Family Education Course is intensive and participants “graduate” from the course with increased problem-solving skills, limit-setting abilities, and self-care skills. Participants gain knowledge about many psychiatric diagnoses and medications.

Those who attend learn how to handle crises and relapse and receive many valuable handouts useful on a personal and professional basis.

Past “graduates” have expressed gratitude at the ability to meet and bond with others who are experiencing similar circumstances.

Visit NAMI of Erie County’s website for support group and class schedules, as well as detailed information regarding additional services. 

NAMI of Erie County
1611 Peach Street
Suite 105
Erie, PA 16501
Phone (814) 456-1773
Toll Free: 1-800-517-1773

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