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Garden makes for medley of uses for Stairways program

Monday, July 25, 2016

A healthy bounty of lessons and produce is the harvest of a garden started and maintained by a Stairways Behavioral Health program this summer.

Clients of Stairways’ Psychiatric Rehabilitation program have transformed a small plot of land on the campus of BLOOM Collaborative to plant and nurture a vegetable garden.

The mission of the garden is two-fold: to learn about preparing fresh and healthy foods and to apply the lessons of maintaining the space to life.

“If you look at a garden, a lot of it can tie in with life,” said Psych Rehab technician and class leader Corinne Madden. “What the sun does for the garden, it does for people.”

The garden is the creation of clients who participate in “Garden Greatness,” a skills building class conducted by Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Each skills class seeks to promotes wellness by motivating clients to take action and work toward growth.

“The first hour (of the class) is focusing on a topic, gaining knowledge and building skills,” Madden said. “The second half is applying it.”

Thus far, clients have created sun catchers, calming jars and a variety of healthy foods from the garden’s harvest.

However, the fruits of their labor are not just limited to the patch of land at BLOOM.

Clients are able to take home the vegetables and fruits that the garden produces. Some clients, Madden said, have even started their own gardens at home.

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