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Deb Grill: Program Outcomes

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Early in our education, we are taught that 2+2=4.  This simple formula laid the foundation for not only future math lessons, but also the knowledge that when certain pieces are put together, they should equal a specific product.  It would seem, then, that the Stairways’ formula of dedicated and highly-qualified staff + invested consumers should equal effective service and positive change.  But how do we know for sure? 

The system of outcomes data collection implemented in June 2013 is the start of a way for us to “check our math.”  By completing surveys, progress reviews and placement logs, we can track the progress our consumers make in different areas.  As clinicians, we tend to be acutely aware of “where” the individuals we serve are in their recovery.  The outcomes data we’ve begun to collect allows us to quantify and chart that information.

With a year and a half worth of data collected so far, we’ve learned that the individuals we serve are overwhelmingly satisfied with our work and our staff.  The majority are also resilient and steadfastly hopeful in the face of past or present obstacles.  Documentation regarding out-of-home placements and progress toward goals allow us to be more aware of new or recurring obstacles so that we can more astutely attend to them. 

Moving forward, we are dedicated to continuously improving the tools we use to collect the most useful information possible.  Additionally, tracking information on a regular basis will allow trends to emerge and exhibit progress over time.  This data will demonstrate the great work we are doing and be of assistance as it may inform ways to improve our services.

Deborah Grill, LPC

Supervisor of Program Outcomes and Evaluator

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