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Thinking for a change

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

“Thinking for a Change” is a program originally developed by the Department of Corrections Institute for state inmates. Members in this group learn various social skills, like identifying the emotions of others, being an active listener and how to respond to anger and how to apologize.

Members learn about the Conflict Cycle and use steps for problem solving using some Cognitive Behavioral techniques helping them to identify risky thoughts feelings and behaviors.  Members of this group complete a weekly "Thinking Reports" that helps them to assess a situation that has occurred during their week. The report helps the members recognize feelings during the situation, analyze the problem of the situation, and set goals to solve situation. 

Group members assert that this group helps them solve their problems in a pro-social manner. As one group member summed up, “Change your thinking, change your life".

Sarah Howard

Therapist, Forensic Clinic

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