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Monday, September 08, 2014

Have you ever felt motivated to change something about your life?  Last week, I was motivated to start lifting weights.  I felt great until the next morning when pain and stiffness woke me up.  I asked myself, “Do I really want to exercise?”  It hurts and it’s going to take work. 

Do you know how muscles grow?  They have to be broken down first.  Weightlifting causes muscle fibers to tear which ushers in a rebuilding process.  The muscle fibers repair themselves, building a stronger, bigger muscle.  But growth can’t happen unless the muscle is ‘changed’ through resistance.  The catch: Change is hard and people don’t change easily. 

I recently attended a DDAP training presented by Heidi O’Toole who introduced Impact Therapy.  Impact Therapy was developed by Ed Jacobs and is based on the premise that “people don’t change easily.”  The therapy recognizes that clients will struggle to change.  It offers counselors multi-sensory, concrete therapy strategies to help clients experientially envision change.  The Dual Clinic staff is committed to helping clients make changes to achieve their goals.  We are excited to make a stronger therapeutic ‘impact’ by welcoming the use of new skills and strategies.    

Krista Godlewski, BA

Stairways Behavioral Health Dual Clinic



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