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Newly appointed Operations Manager sheds light on office changes

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Beginning in November, Stairways Behavioral Health’s Erie Outpatient clinic (EOP) has undergone several changes to its structure of operations that have resulted in greater continuity of care and streamlined procedures.

Perhaps the most significant change came in the form of the newly created Operations Manager position, a post that has been filled by Ashley Giewont. Since being installed as the Operations Manager, Giewont has worn a number of hats in taking on procedural responsibilities and ensuring things run smoothly at the Stairways site at 2910 State St.

Giewont has been part of EOP’s staff since she performed a practicum while earning her masters of clinical mental health counseling at Gannon University in fall 2012. A full-time employee since 2013, Giewont has served as a therapist and is pursuing a licensure in professional counseling.

She credits the EOP staff for their supportiveness in helping her settle into the new position.

Q: Explain the new role that you are filling.

A: As the Operations Manager at EOP I work closely with all the staff to ensure that all policies and regulations are being followed and adhered to. I also work diligently with the clinical director and lead therapist and nurse to guarantee improved continuity of care, as well as organizing and operationalizing treatment team meetings with the doctors, allied professionals, and therapists. A significant part of this position is making sure that when new policies and procedures are implemented, they are followed through with by all employees and making adjustments as necessary. Feedback from employees and clients alike are important to me in this position as it helps to make necessary changes and adjustments to strengthen the services that are provided. I am very open-minded and welcome input regarding any and all issues. This position, like anything else, is a work in progress and will continue to evolve and grow.

Q: What were the changes that were made and how did they come about?

 A: All outpatient services are constantly growing, evolving, and changing, and there are many recent changes to operations here at EOP that foster growth not only among our services but of our staff as well.  This position has thus far been challenging to me but has inspired me to grow as a person and a professional by challenging my ways of thinking, which is something I thrive off of.

Q: How will these changes and your role improve continuity of care?

A:  This role, as Operations Manager, allows for me to act as a liaison for contact with many supportive services and outside agencies in the community for increased continuity of care for our consumers. My flexibility and organizational skills allow for me to be a contact for our clinic and allows other staff to follow through with their daily tasks and duties.

Q: What does a typical day consist of for you? Is this reflective of the changes that were made and is it indicative of the way EOP now runs as a whole?

A: This is a very difficult question to answer as I have only been in this position just over a month and there is no typical day. I have a lot of direct contact with our clients as well as with all the staff at EOP. Some of my strengths are organizational skills and being able to work quickly and efficiently in any situation that arises. My education and clinical training are an asset to me in this position as it helps me to make sound clinical decisions, know my resources, and work effectively with clients. I am still learning a great deal every day and am constantly growing as a person and as a professional. I am very optimistic and looking forward that in the future we will continue to grow not only among ourselves but in the community as well.

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