Employee Awards and Accolades

June Employee of the Month: Steve Howell

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Steve Howell, a mental health professional in the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team, has been named June Employee of the Month after tending to a client whose health was compromised due to illness.

Howell became concerned after several attempts to contact a client proved unsuccessful and felt particularly alarmed based on previous instances of when this client became psychiatrically ill very suddenly.

Acting on a “gut concern,” Howell contacted the client’s landlord to allow him into his apartment where he found him in an unresponsive state. Howell then contacted emergency services and police to get the client to the hospital, as he was unwilling and unable to leave.

Once at the Emergency Room, medical staff determined the client was “severely dehydrated and could’ve died if he went much longer without medications and fluids.”

Kudos to Steve for the intuitive and compassionate concern he exhibited in this life-saving act.

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