Employee Awards and Accolades

Jennifer LaRoche and Bernadette Valentinetti

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jennifer LaRoche and Bernadette Valentinetti were recognized as the respective Employees of the Months for September and October during a Stairways Behavioral Health’s fall Board of Directors meeting in late November.

LaRoche was also credited for performing a life-saving act, as she sought out and attended to a client she suspected of exhibiting suicidal behavior.

LaRoche, a therapist at Stairways’ Residential Treatment Facility for Adults (RTFA), engaged a client who displayed slurred speech and confusion. Using probing questions, LaRoche ascertained that the client had overdosed and contacted EMS, which arrived to transport the client to the hospital. The client was eventually stabilized while in intensive care.

RTFA Director Melanie Hake and assistant supervisor Keri Walker nominated LaRoche for the accolade.

Valentinetti, a mental health professional/substance abuse specialist for Stairways’ Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team was recently acknowledged for having shown the greatest growth during a recent audit. Valentinetti was commended for her comfort and awareness in developing appropriate approaches with clients.

Valentinetti also developed electronic MAR (Medication Assessment Record) for the ACT team, which has resulted in a reduced workload and more organized record-keeping. She was nominated by ACT team leader Rochelle Youkers.

Stairways is fortunate to have such capable and passionate staff as part of its team.

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