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Stairways to unveil new program

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stairways Behavioral Health has taken the lead in bridging the significant gap between hospitalization and community-based treatment in the Erie region by introducing a residential program designed for people who aren’t in need of hospitalization but require more intensive and structured treatment and supervision.

In cooperation with Erie County, Stairways has been approved to operate a long-term structured residential (LTSR) setting for stays longer than 30 days but not acting as a permanent residence which is anticipated to begin this summer.

The LTSR location will be situated on the third floor of Stairways’ Personal Care Home (PCH) on 810 Walnut St. A resident team consisting of a physician, nurses, mental health professionals and peers will guide recovery and treatment services in accordance with appropriate and well-formulated treatment plans.

Individuals referred to the LTSR setting will have differing needs depending on a number of factors and will be treated in the most effective manner relative to their diagnosis and condition, said Kevin Berceli, LTSR program director.

“We are looking to provide a safe and structured environment that will offer an array of clinical approaches,” Berceli said “As part of the state’s LTSR regulations, and our own recovery principals here at Stairways, we are excited to focus on individual’s mental, physical, and social needs as well as interventions that foster personal growth in these areas.”

Stairways intends to create programming elements that can be easily modified to meet the unique needs of each consumer. Trained staff members will be responsible for integrating therapeutic activities, such as psycho-educational and process-oriented individual and group therapy services.  The LTSR team will also include skill building sessions correlating to the eight dimensions of wellness as it relates to an individual’s treatment plan

LTSR residents, along with family and friends will be encouraged to take an active role in the recovery planning and community reintegration processes with the consumer’s informed consent. In preparation for successful program discharge, LTSR staff plan to accommodate referrals and help clients find effective community resources such as housing, mobile medication and case management services.

The implementation of an LTSR program will essentially complete Erie County’s continuum of care by offering the resident population an effective combination of treatment and rehabilitative interventions.

"With the addition of the LTSR," clinical supervisor Sarah Howard said, "we are excited to empower individuals in a culture of wellness and recovery that reduces hospitalizations and increases the use of their own strengths and supports within the community."

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